Tales of a wandering lesbian

God bless America!

My dog, Libby, is a fanshionista princess of the first degree. Don’t get me wrong, she can roll in dead stuff with the best of ’em, but the dog’s got style. If you have a dog and haven’t discovered the super cheap collars and leashes of Old Navy, you’re missing out.

Libby has a collar for almost every major holiday. We’re missing St. Patty’s and New Year’s, but everything else is covered. In the summer, she wears mostly her pink and rainbow gay pride collar and her stars and stripes collar.

Stars and Stripes

Her outfits have been earning her a fair bit of attention.

At Portland Pride this year, she was featured in a video on self-expression. (I wouldn’t watch past the first part of this if you don’t want to be frightened.)

May We Interrupt Your Day: June 15, 2009 from Shawn O’Bryant on Vimeo.

Then, as we were walking across a park in Cascade Locks (the same one where they had a note not to eat the rocks), a woman passing by shreiked, “oh, I love that collar! Red, white and blue. God bless America!” She was serious – thrown into a frenzy of patriotism by my dog’s collar.

I didn’t know how to respond. “Thank you?” “Did you see that rock candy over there?”

I think I responded with an enthusiastic “Indeed, God bless, America!”

Who knew Old Navy collars were so patriotic?

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July 30, 2009   1 Comment