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Making a splash at Restaurant Week

When I came to Las Vegas, it was with the full expectation that I’d be getting out into nature at every opportunity. I was one of those people that didn’t really think the strip was for me.

I was wrong.

Tonight I experienced something so spectacular, that I would come back to Vegas just to experience it again. “Wet Your Appetite,” the MGM Grand’s signature event for Restaurant Week was phenomenal. From the dozen or so restaurants that participated on-site, to the sneak-peaks at the MGM’s hottest shows, to dancers performing on a plexi-glass stage over the beautiful pool, it was amazing. Oh yeah, and there were mermaids.

That’s right, mermaids.

They were cruising around the enormous pool, flapping their fins. Chatting with anyone who would crouch down to talk with them. It’s safe to say that I did a fair amount of crouching tonight. The mermaids were really pretty.

Like the entire setting, the mermaids were something from a dream. The Wet Republic facility, where the event was held, provides over 4,000 square feet of outdoor event space. Chefs had food stations set with elaborate displays at every turn. The MGM has great fine dining, and Restaurant Week is a brilliant place to experience them . Plus, it does wonderful things.

Restaurant Week is a city-wide benefit for Three Square, a non-profit that works to end hunger in Southern Nevada. With special menus, and special events, over 90 restaurants in Las Vegas participate in Restaurant Week, making it one of the most anticipated food events in the city.

The highlight of my evening food-wise was a little “sweet burger slider” that contained no meat. It had a patty of nutella fudge, was topped with fresh strawberry slices, and had a – wait for it – Krispy Kreme bun. It was pretty much insane.

The highlight of my evening entertainment-wise was seeing a gorgeous performer from Crazy Horse Paris high-kicking on the plexi-stage over the water. And the guys from Recycled Percussion were pretty darn impressive, playing 10-foot step-ladders like drums, as they sailed through the air, sliding past the rungs and playing as they went.

The highlight of my evening overall, however, was feeding a mermaid chocolate mouse with gold shavings, poolside. Yes. I fed a mermaid tonight. I know you’re jealous. It’s okay.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas during Restaurant Week, make sure you get yourself to Wet Republic at the MGM Grand for Wet Your Appetite. I see no other solution. There are plenty of places you can swim with the dolphins, but I know of no other place on earth where you can feed the mermaids.

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August 31, 2010   1 Comment