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Clothes don’t make the woman (but Icebreakers might)

I packed up my clothes last night.  Just put them in plastic tubs to go to storage.  It was a strange experience.  (I’ve had a lot of those lately.)  It took less time than I thought it would.  Evidently, it doesn’t take that many clothes to be extremely well dressed…

I also packed up my backpack with most everything I’ll be taking and wore it around the house – in my new shoes.  The animals think I’m insane.

My little sister is a big-wig buyer for a sporting/technical clothing company.  When I asked her what she thought I should bring on the trip she responded, “Uh, duh.  Icebreaker, Icebreaker, Icebreaker.”  She was right, of course.  Those who work with me know my love of Icebreaker products.  For the last year I’ve worn Icebreaker to work probably 70% of the time.  So, why not wear it for trekking around?  That’s what it’s made for after all!

If you’re not familiar with Icebreaker, here’s the deal:  It’s the most comfortable, beautiful merino wool company.  You can actually track the shirt you wear back to a specific sheep in New Zealand.  Awesome.  I’ll probably have to go visit the sheep when I’m in that neck of the woods.

I’m going to put a packing list up  so that you all can comment and let me know if I’m forgetting anything.  Here’s a sneak peak:

Icebreaker mid weight sweater
Icebreaker base shirt
Icebreaker other base shirt
Icebreaker another base shirt
Icebreaker light weight x2

I’ve got a couple of Icebreaker t-shirts that I need to pick up and then I should be good to go.  Fortunately, there’s an Icebreaker retail store in Portland!  Truthfully, these are made so that I could use one shirt for the entire duration of my first 6-week trip.  They stay warm even when wet, they’re very breathable, soft, fast-drying and even keep odors down.  I think it’s probably important to be fashionable, however, so I’m bringing them all.  I mean, I am going to Italy after all.

I’m fairly sure you’ll be hearing about my Icebreakers on a regular basis, as I’m pretty much in love with them.

You’re probably asking yourself, “how much did Icebreaker pay Kristin to talk about their products?”  Here’s the answer – zero – for now.  I’ll let you know when they start paying me.

(Note to Icebreaker staff:  I would gladly accept sponsorship dollars, and would be a perfect candidate for any type of travel testing.)

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October 15, 2009   3 Comments