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It’s in the stars…

Okay, it’s true confessions time.  I read my horoscope.  I do.  My favorite is Susan Miller’s AstrologyZone.  She posts a detailed horoscope at the beginning of each month.  I find them fascinating, and eerily accurate.

At the beginning of August, I logged on, read my scope, and took note of one date in particular.  Susan doesn’t usually go in for the doom and gloom.  It’s one of the reasons I like her the best.  This month, however, she had a pretty specific warning:

“One of your toughest days of the month will be when Mars will be in very hard angle to Uranus on August 18. Your sister or brother seems to be on your mind. Be careful what you say – be good to your sibling on this day, and don’t argue. (Alas, this aspect has a plus or minus of one whole week, so you’ll have to be careful. It may, alternatively, have a physical manifestation. Protect against falls and keep bones of the shoulders, arm, hands, and wrist safe.)”

So, I put a little note in my calendar for tomorrow, Tuesday the 18th.  It reads simply, “be safe.”  Evidently, I missed the part about this being longer than just one day.

Yesterday, Sunday, while walking Libby, Leigh and I ended up walking behind a guy who had one dog on a leash and was calling another dog (a jack russel looking thing) that was running amok.  This dog – herefter referred to as “bastard dog” – ran across traffic in front of a car to menace us.  The guy hollered “will you grab him,” and being friendly dog owners ourselves, we obliged.

Now, I probably shouldn’t have to say this, but I’m going to anyway.  Never pick up a dog that you don’t know.  I KNOW, I KNOW.  I said I shouldn’t have to say this.  I don’t know what happened in my brain, but I had the following conversation with myself in the course of about 5 seconds:

“Grab him.  How?  He’s little.  Pick him up.  Really?  Yup.  Ouch.”

The ouch came when, as I brought the dog off the ground, he screamed like I was stabbing him in the eye, started kicking and evidently biting with everything he had.  I put him down as gently as I could and decided not to look at my hand and arm that were stinging.  I will say that it was an effective way to get him to return to his owner.  Unfortunately, at this point, the other dog had escaped his collar and come to say hi to Libby.  This was a nice dog.

By the time the guy came over I’d looked down and realized that the bastard dog had done some damage.


I had a few scrapes on my arm and wrist.Hand bite

And a nice sized laceration on my hand.  Bastard.

Now, I’d learned just the day before from Leigh, who is travelling to Buhtan and had to get a rabies vaccination, that you can get rabies from a dog that licks its paws and then scratches you.  Funny how random information comes at opportune times.

“So, is your dog up to date on its rabies shots?”

“Oh did he bite you?”

Seriously?  Did he bite me?  No, the blood running down my arm is body art.  (Don’t worry, Mom, he was up to date with his rabies shots.)

To be completely fair to the dog, there is no reason that I should have picked him up.  No reason whatsoever.  If someone I didn’t know picked me up without warning, I’d probably bite them too.

Regardless, I got home, cleaned myself up and remembered my horoscope.  I’m hoping it’s as accurate about August 21:

“There are several cycles going on in your chart, all pointing to home-related changes that will help you to find the right solutions to any plans you have now.”

Please, oh please, let it be time to sell my house.

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August 17, 2009   3 Comments