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My house sale recorded last Friday.  Hooray!  It had sat empty for nearly two years.


Yeah, I know that’s pretty ridiculous.  I tried to sell it myself for about 6 months, maybe more, but for over a year, I did nothing to sell it, nothing to rent it, and very little to maintain it.

When I finally decided that I wanted to sell, I wasn’t able to.  I put new carpet in, made from recycled pop bottles; my parents came and helped tile the counters in the kitchen.  We cleaned, spruced up the yard and I even hired a Realtor.  Still, the house wasn’t moving.  Yes, I know it’s not a great real estate climate right now.  Thanks.

I am one of those people who believes that you make your life what it is.  I believe that when I’m ready for something to happen, the universe will align things so that it can happen.  And I was ready to sell my house – well, mostly.

I’ve done enough work on myself to know that, if the house wasn’t selling, it wasn’t just because of the market.  I knew that there was something inside me that was keeping me from moving forward.  The house was the last piece of the life I had chosen for myself – my white picket fence – and I hadn’t let it go.

At the point that I learned about Diana Reinig, I had already reduced the price of my house, and I was considering reducing again, to a point where I’d be a little less than comfortable.  Walking out of work one day, a friend who works in the same building asked how the house sale was going.  We chatted a bit, and, after confirming that I am in fact “woo woo“, she offered up the name of a woman who does energy work on houses.  That is, she cleans negative energy out of houses.

I checked out her website, and found that she did more than house clearings.  She also did work on people’s energy fields, energy healing.  Fabulous!  I had done work with other woo woo types, and especially enjoyed sessions with Sally Baldwin a woman who channels.  I got a lot of good information and gained perspective from her channeling sessions, but I felt that, with the house, I needed a little more help breaking out of the place where I found myself hung-up.

So I contacted Diana.  We talked a little over email about what type of session I was looking for and found a time to talk over the phone.  I wanted a house clearing, but I also wanted to work through any energy blockages I had within myself.  For the one-hour fee of $150 she could likely do both.  That seemed like a deal to me!  I was considering lowering the price of my house a lot more than $150, so I thought I’d give it a try.  The woman who gave me Diana’s name had used Diana for a house she was having a hard time selling, and it had sold in less than a week.

So I scheduled a telephone reading, told my Realtor not to lower the price of the house and waited.

I shared my plans with a few friends.  The biggest question I got was “how can she do that over the phone?”  I don’t really know, but here’s how I understand it: when you’re working with energy, it’s not like you’re working on a car, or on someone’s yard.  You’re not working in the dimension where touch and sight live.  You’re working in the dimension where the energy lines up.  Kind of like the way I can jump on a computer anywhere and change my website.  I don’t need to be in the same room with the server.  Once you’re working with energy, time and space don’t so much matter.  That’s easy enough for me to believe, so the idea of a phone session was no problem for me.

My session with Diana was excellent.  It was like working with the most direct, up-front and knowledgable help-desk person you’ve ever experienced.  She asked a few questions, but it seemed only to confirm that she was on the right track.  She began by working through the layers of my energy.  She was able to identify specific blockages I knew were there, blockages I had already worked through on my own and others about which I had no clue.

Not only did she identify blockages, but she was able to release them – well, the ones I was ready to release anyway.  And she was able to give me insight into and suggestions for how to handle specific blockages (specifically relationships with certain people) that weren’t ready to go.

Fortunately, the house was ready to go.

I laughed out loud when she told me that Leigh had some energy stuck in the yard.  Really, really funny, as that was the last thing Leigh was connected to at the house.  She was coordinating its upkeep and had been quite resentful of the yard for a good long while.  There were a lot of other things that were actually keeping it from selling (Leigh’s energy was just causing her some discomfort), and Diana was able to release my energy from the house and align the energy of the house with the energy of some new buyers she saw coming my way.

Aside from the house issues, we talked about my upcoming trip, my writing, leaving Libby with Leigh, and even acne.  I left the session (it ended up going an hour and a half, but I was happy to have gone over) feeling lighter.  I had immediate response to some of the work that was done (I no longer felt tied to the house or the life I had wanted to live, and I no longer felt the unnerving sense that I was just barely surviving), while effects of some of the work took longer to feel.  Diana told me it would probably take a little while for the house to move, and to wait a couple of weeks before reducing the price again.

And I waited.  On the 13th day, my Realtor called to see if I wanted to reduce.  It was a Friday.  Confident that I was on a new path and that the house would find its new owners, I told her I wanted to wait until Monday.  Against her nudging, we left the price the same.  The next day – two weeks after the reading – I got my first offer.


That offer was the one that would stick.  It wasn’t full price, but it was close, and I had always considered any reduction in price an investment in myself and the new path I was choosing.  Sure I could have waited longer, but there are still 4-6 other houses for sale within 2 blocks of the house, and I was ready to move on.

It turned out that, through the twists and turns of the 30-day close (during which, Mercury was in retrograde almost THE ENTIRE TIME), the buyers were so in love with the house, that they were willing to hold tight as all manner of insanity ensued.  Several things came up that would have allowed them to walk away, but they didn’t.  In fact, the insanity pushed the closing just outside September, which is exactly what Susan Miller (and my mom) had been telling me to do.  Last Friday, we recorded, and ownership passed from me to the new owners.

My mom laughs every so often and says “who sells their house in two months in this market?”  Good question.  Answer:  someone who believes they can.

I have been waiting to post about my experience with Diana until the house was sold.  I wanted to see how it all played out.  I’ve recommended Diana (and also Sally) to a number of my friends and co-workers.  Some have already contacted her and had lovely experiences.  Some of them are people I would never have expected to be open to energy work.  I’ve put links in my sidebar to their websites.  I’m starting to think of sessions with them the same way I think of doctor’s appointments:  I can go to them when I’m really hurting, but if I check in every so often for routine maintenance, maybe I won’t find myself really hurting as much.

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